I have always been interested in personal stories, moments of transition, and the power of images. In my photographic work I inspire people to look within themselves and to act on what really drives them creatively. I am a witness and a catalyst in the service of each person's unique experience and expression of self. I love the collaboration that happens as we work together to bring to life visually the story, fantasy, moment, or sensation that speaks most powerfully to you.


This body of work has a focus on female nudes to explore the themes of transition and identity. The process combines intuition, creativity, and technical skills to create powerful images that can reveal an inner world. I create a safe (and fun) space to explore fears or alter egos, or to simply capture a beautiful image to cherish and share with loved ones. My work pushes the boundaries of what a portrait can be, and provides a unique and meaningful experience.


Inspired by her own pregnancy and the understanding that every birth
is different, Damaris interviews her clients as she compiles stories and insights for a photo book exploring pregnancy, spirituality and creativity. Also, another series for publication is on the topic of breast feeding. Her intention is to cover the range of experience around this intimate and important bonding period with sensitivity and
a sense of humor. May 9th 2008, at Barnes Hall on Cornell Campus, Ithaca, NY. There was a successful collaborative multi-media performance brought together by Yoga-dance troupe, the Pranadhanas who were dancing a special piece
about (and with) girls and women of all ages and stages of life (including pregnancy!). In concert, Damaris projected her photos and video merged with mandala work by artist/partner Eric 12th Moon. Live music and sound was by Joe Smellow of Jalamyst with the beautiful voice of Sara High Speiser, and Harp accompaniment by Cheri La Fever.


This experience has opened me up to the slideshow/video format being another medium of portraiture and storytelling, as well as performance/installation art.


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