"My reaction to the photographic work of Damaris was immediate. I foundit dramatic, with a unique sensibility. I wanted to see more and more and was never satiated. Her work is a striking enhancement for the office of anyone working within the field of birthing, while being beautiful and personal for individuals chronicling that special time of bringing in new life."


~ Ronda Rice CHC, CHT - HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, Santa Cruz, California



"At 39 weeks and 5 days into my third and last pregnancy, I was fortunate enough to be connected with Damaris through a doula friend of mine. I wanted to commemorate the beauty of my body and capture the wonderful spirit that only pregnancy produces in a woman. Damaris' photography was such a god send and captured the most amazing time in ones life just as I had hoped. Her work is beautiful,original and captivating. She captured the true essence of my emotions on film and I am so thankful to be able to look back to those pictures and see how beautiful my body was. Also, the amazing shots of my baby daughter not 30 minutes old...you don't get to experience those expressions more than once and I am lucky enough to have them framed."


~ Heidi Rimany, Professional Doula, Elmira, NY



"I LOVE the photos! Damaris' creativity, attention to detail, artistic sensibility, and personal sensitivity made the experience really wonderful. Plus, she was very open-minded about my wacky ideas!"


~ Caitlyn Schryver - Project Consultant at Cornell University, Ithaca,NY



"An old chess adage says that the difference between a master and a grand master is as follows: A master studies the board for a half an hour and puts his knight on the right square, a grandmaster throws his knight up in the air and it lands on the right square. Damaris' ability to "throw the camera up in the air" and get the right shot is uncanny. Her sense of scene and composition is what you would expect from one with many times her experience. I highly recommend Damaris for any project where artistic merit is the qualification for a finished project.


~ Mark A Harris - Producer at Large, Ithaca, NY



"Being connected to the Source through the experience of creating lifeis visible in the work of Damaris Vazquez. Her ability to draw that experience into the light and share with others is one of the gifts she shares with us."


~ Janna Schlagenhauf - Professional Skin Care Coach, Santa Fe, New Mexico



"The exquisite photography of Damaris renders a unique glimpse beyond the mystical veil, essentially honoring the budding beginnings of Motherhood."


~ Michael A. Horigan, M.S.Lighting and Energy Consultant, Ithaca, NY


"She has a connection with image-making that must be instinctive. She just knows things, and sees things that other photographers don't. Damaris sparkles with imagination. With her, an ordinary photo shoot turns into something magical! My family still enjoys the work she did for me. My wife, and my mother consider her images of me among the best ever taken!"


~ Bruce Wilson, Retired Mechanical Wizard, Syracuse, NY



"Damaris will do amazing stuff because she is a bundle of passion and creativity. As she continues to direct those feelings into her work, I'm sure she'll do well in photography."


~ Elaine Scheckler-Derby, Professional Portrait Photographer, Syracuse, NY



"I appreciated the symbolism of the veil in the photos she took of my client when she was pregnant, and how it's also the symbolism of those moments when you are at birth or at death when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest… It's a nice image to have of a pregnant woman."


~ Jennifer Seymour CNM, Midwife, Spencer, NY



"She has captured some beautiful images. I look foward to seeing more of her work. We will have to take more pics when we get together again."


~ Abby Stahl, Great Mother, Syracuse, NY



"Damaris took some amazing and beautiful photos of me and my three children. I feel she captured who we truly are in the photos and I just love to look at them. Damaris was patient, kind, fun and spontaneous with the kids. I will treasure these photos forever, and no doubt so will my kids and their kids."


~ Liz Field, Music and Event Promoter